Choose the Preferred Client-Pet Wellness Plan for Your Family

STANDARD MEMBERSHIP & SERVICES PLANS (Contact TAD WELLNESS CENTER for custom services and pricing.)

When ready to buy

Four (4) Household Membership Plans Household Membership Cost TAD WELLNESS CENTER Services
Client - Pet Shared Cardio Sessions
Aquatic Center Endless Pool® Swim
Aquatic Center Underwater Treadmills: Rehab, Cardio & Strength Training
Mix & Match: e.g., Client Cardio / Pet Aquatic Center
Mix & Match: e.g., Client Cardio / Pet Swag-Wag Agility Center
1. Annual Membership: BEST VALUE! $350/Year, One Pet
$100/Year for Each Additional Pet
The Following Apply for Plans 1, 2 & 3 Only:

  • UNLIMITED VISITS! Visit as Often as You Like (Strongly Encouraged),... JUST MAKE AN APPOINTMENT for UP TO TWO Contiguous 30-Minute Sessions PER VISIT
  • MANDATORY Bi-Annual Health-Medical Exams and TAD WELLNESS CENTER Training Session are included with 12-Month participation.
  • 2. Three (3) Month Membership $135
    $45/Additional Pet
    3. Month-to-Month Membership $85/Month Per Pet
    4. Single Visit: One (1) 30-60 Minute Session $40/Session Per Pet SINGLE SESSION. JUST MAKE AN APPOINTMENT! Pet Training Session is Included. Pay Separately for the Mandatory Health Medical Exam.

    Each Membership Plan Must Be Paid In Advance. Full Membership Plan Credit Will Be Applied for Upgrades of Plans 2, 3, or 4 Within 30-days of Initial Plan Payment. We're Happy to Help You with Your Plan Selection, Tailored to Your WELLNESS Needs! Please Note: Prices are Subject to Change.